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Bridging virtual worlds and reality

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Who We Are

Viviy is a group of young designers and developers who have same interests in AI research and virtual worlds . The teammates come from different industries, computer science, creative media and business etc. We all work with the goal: bridging the reality and virtual worlds. Join us to build a better ------- VIRTUAL world!

The team is enthusiastic on providing the best experience in the virtual world with AI technologies, we are exploring ways to achieve that not only on visual but also spatial and psychological aspects.

Chat bot

Our chatbot is learning to social with everyone and looking for a chat buddy like you, don’t hesitate to talk to him with chinese!

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Key Technology

Natural language processing

Cloud base AR/VR

Generative animation.

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Historical Virtual Tour

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Our hard working team

Jocelyn Fung


Joe Chiu


Jimmy Li

Development Manager

Jack Lee


Kalvin Choy


Joanne Wong

Business Development

Jason Pang

3D Designer

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